Copy of Daisuke Itagaki


Born in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan, chef Daisuke Itagaki developed a passion for quality ingredients and cooking early on, which led him to the Tsuji Culinary Institute in Osaka, Japan. Upon graduating in 2001 with specialization in French and Italian cuisine, Itagaki moved to Tokyo where he spent 7 years at Milial Resort Hotels, refining fine dining techniques of French and California cuisine.

With the purpose of expanding his culinary expertise, he traveled to United States and that's when he found his love for culinary scene in the dynamic and diverse culture. Upon returning to Japan, he was appointed to be the Executive Chef at Oregon Bar & Grill in Tokyo where he pursued his passion for American Cuisine with his twist.

When Alexander Steak House of California opened its Tokyo location in 2016, Itagaki was appointed to the Chef de Cuisine to help develop and deliver a menu that will reflect the essense of Californian steakhouse with abundant fresh market ingredients from Japan.

In 2018, Prime42, a steakhouse featuring Greater Omaha products of Nebraska Farms opened in Tokyo, and Itagaki took a role of the Executive Chef. As a leader and the Executive Chef of M.R.S. Co., he also manages menu development for the group restaurants as well as to mentor next generation of culinary players in the back of the house.

Currently he resides with his family in Phoenix, Arizona and his work field continues to expand over Pacific Ocean.